i wanted to do a follow forever and it didn’t exactly work out, so i decided just to make a post with my favourite blogs of 2012. my blog is irrelevant to most people so i doubt these people will notice this post at all but i thought i’d show how much i appreciate their blogs! granted, i don’t talk to most of these people but it doesn’t mean i don’t love them all the same

bemystyles  blowingstyles  coldnarry  dimpshire fuckablestyles  haroldfrost  harryhugs  hoehazza  hookermalik  hunkhoran ❄ mistlemalik  mistlhoe ❄ narrymint❄  narrywinter  niallerhey  niamwinter ❄ paynecharm  rideharold  snowinghaz  stilesposey  styleclaus  stylesimperium  tomlinsass ❄ wankaster  winterharold  winteryliam  zaindeer

sorry for the terrible edit and if i’ve missed anyone out, i’m sorry! everyone’s urls are changing so i’m not sure who’s who sometimes

merry christmas and a happy new year to all of you, hopefully i’ll see you all next year, including those i haven’t mentioned! :-)

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